The DOS recently provided an update about the Fiscal Year 2011 (FY2011) DV “Green Card” Visa Lottery. The DV Visa Lottery for the next fiscal year (FY2011) commenced on October 2, 2009 and will continue to November 30, 2009. The government makes available 50,000 immigrant visas (green card) annually through the DV Lottery Program. Additional detailed information about the DV-2011 Visa Lottery is available on our firm’s website at

In previous years, the DOS did not provide an update about the number of applicants in the lottery until after the lottery ended. Although the DOS has previously not provided interim information about the number of applicants during the registration period, the DOS has provided this information for the next fiscal year’s Visa Lottery due to a “significant increase” in the number of applicants. The DOS stated that in the first week of the registration period for next fiscal year’s lottery, applicants from around the world submitted more than 900,000 entries which represents a 63% increase over the same period last year. If this rate of applications continues, the DOS stated that it anticipates that it will receive more than 13 million entries during the entire registration period. The DOS stated that it received approximately 9 million entries during the lottery for this fiscal year which was conducted last year.