On August 19, 2015, the European Banking Authority issued a press release stating that it will conduct an analysis on the Net Stable Funding Requirements and Leverage Ratio under the Capital Requirements Regulation. This analysis is further to a recent call for advice issued by the European Commission to the EBA, seeking the EBA’s guidance so that it can prepare legislative proposals, if necessary, on technical issues that are not explicitly mentioned in the CRR. The Commission is seeking the EBA’s analysis on whether it is adequate to establish different NSFR and LR requirements for different types of institutions. This analysis would consider whether different firms could have, depending on their risk profile, size and business model: (i) different NSFR calibrations; (ii) simplified NSFR and LR requirements; or (iii) exemptions from the NSFR and LR requirements. The Commission also seeks analysis on other issues including: (i) the costs and benefits of excluding certain types of firms from the NSFR and LR requirements; (ii) the effects of the NSFR requirements on bank lending in the EU; and (iii) the impact of the NSFR on clearing, settlement and custody activities, on underwriting and market making, on business models and financing structures of institutions as well as on its interaction with risk-based capital requirements. The EBA must submit the reports on the NSFR and LR to the Commission by December 31, 2015 and October 31, 2016 respectively, although it plans to submit the LR report by July 2016.

 The EBA’s press release and the Commission’s call for advice are available at: http://www.eba.europa.eu/-/eba-toconduct-further-analysis-on-net-stable-funding-requirements-and-leverage-ratio; and http://www.eba.europa.eu/documents/10180/1162591/Call+for+advice.pdf.