Serious injuries to the bladder can have life-changing consequences. Claims for compensation may arise following an accident or through medical negligence. I have had experience of representing clients in both areas.

Medical negligence

My client suffered an unintended injury to his bladder during surgery as a result of a failure to mobilise his bladder away from the area being treated. The surgeon not only cuts my client’s bladder causing a through and through injury, but the bladder was then stapled to his abdominal wall creating a fistula which had to be treated at a later date.

As a consequence of this trauma, my client now suffers from urological symptoms including increased urinary frequency (in the daytime and night) and reduced bladder sensation resulting in poorer bladder control and the need to strain void. His condition is stable and unfortunately permanent without treatment.

My client will require lifelong urological treatment by way of medication and regular consultations with a urologist. It is hoped the medication recommended will result in resolution of symptoms. If not, he may have to consider Botox injections to achieve a positive outcome.


Another one of my clients suffered a serious “open book” pelvic fracture following a motorcycling accident. Initially, his genitourinary system was said to be unaffected, though my client now reports poor flow, incomplete emptying of his bladder and erectile dysfunction.

Sexual and urinary dysfunction can be a consequence of damage to the nerves and blood supply following a pelvic fracture. Where there has been a recovery but some ongoing interference with natural function, the court guidelines leave it open to a judge to make a more substantial award than would otherwise apply.

My client is currently undergoing treatment and ultrasound investigation before attending upon a consultant urologist who will report on the longer term prognosis for consideration as part of his claim.

If you have suffered an injury to your bladder following surgery or your urinary function has been affected following an accident, and you wish to claim compensation, it is important that you instruct a specialist solicitor for advice on the matter.