The Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”) opened an in-depth investigation into the proposed acquisition by KPA Pensionsservice AB of SPP Liv Pensionstjänst AB and a certain life insurance portfolio within the area of KAP-KL, also administered by SPP Liv Pensionstjänst AB. Both parties operate in the pension administration market. The proposed acquisition was voluntarily filed by the parties although the relevant turnover thresholds were not met. The SCA’s initial investigation revealed that the parties had horizontally overlapping activities concerning both operation of life insurances and administration of pension solutions. The SCA found that the acquisitions may raise significant competition concerns because there are currently only three operators on the relevant market and the acquisition would result in only two operators remaining in the market. Moreover, the SCA was concerned that the proposed acquisition would create significant barriers for competitors to enter the market. The SCA has until 10 September 2013, to decide whether the acquisition would significantly impede effective competition in the Swedish market or any substantial part thereof. Source: The Swedish Competition Authority’s Press Release 18/6/2013 and The Swedish Competition Authority’s Decision 10/6/2013