Based on previous public consultations, the NRA decided that publication of a recommendation on the application of the principle of "net neutrality" is sufficient, and no further measures are needed. As a definition of best practice, the NRA has formulated rather broad guidelines, with the inclusion of some very specific issues, among others:

  1. declaration of a freedom of Internet access as a user right for up- and downloading any content through their internet access, which should not affect the service provider's ability to provide managed Over-the-topcontent services;
  2. service descriptions that are easier to understand for all users, and mentioning unified service description "tables" that should also include information on traffic management practice in a way that is clear for the average users as well;
  3. it considers problematic to block or slow certain services or applications unless there is a clear technical reasons to do so; and
  4. in the future, the NRA will pay more attention to IP-based exchange (interconnection) agreements and the possibility to regulate this area in some ways.

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