The California Energy Commission has been quite active in recent years tightening the energy efficiency standards of a whole host of appliances. See e.g., battery chargers. California state regulators just don’t think that the federal Energy Star program is strict enough and want to set a higher bar.

Historically, the Energy Commission has taken one appliance at a time and considered it for several years before adopting new energy efficiency standards. But in 2013, they are taking a new approach and considering adopting standards for large groups of appliances. Below are the 16 product types that are on the slate for new regulations.

Consumer Electronics: computers, displays, game consoles, network equipment, and set-top boxes.

Lighting: fluorescent dimming ballasts, light-emitting diodes, and multifaceted reflector lamps.

Water Appliances: faucets, toilets, urinals, and water meters.

Commercial clothes dryers

Air filter labeling

Residential pool pumps & motors

Portable electric spa labeling

It is likely they will choose about 10 or 11 of these 16 by mid-October when the pre-rulemaking activities begin to determine how much they can tighten the standards and still have those products for sale in the State.