We’ve explored the topic of crisis management in a prior episode but now we turn our attention to how C-Suite members can handle crises when they’re within their own governance structure. What happens when a company’s Board of Directors must step in to help lead the organization in a time of change? Whether you’re a company of two or 20,000, we’re discussing what corporate leaders need to know to survive this time of change.

Joining host Michael Cohen for this lively conversation is John Tishler. John is a partner in the Corporate Practice Group in Sheppard Mullin’s San Diego office. His practice encompasses domestic and international capital markets, corporate finance, corporate governance, business transactions, mergers and acquisitions and technology.

What We Discuss in this Episode:

What is a governance crisis and how common is it?

Why Board of Directors are often unprepared to step in during a governance crisis?

What type of organizations need counseling when it comes to crises?

Are solutions for smaller organizations the same as for larger ones?

What are the four fundamentals of the practice of governance crisis?

What is considered a successful maneuvering of a crisis?

Along with lawyers, what other professionals are needed to complete the team assisting with a crisis?

While in a moment of crisis, what are some qualities desired of those leading the change?

Is an outside lawyer necessary or can issues be appropriately handled internally?

In closely held corporations, how are crises addressed differently than in general corporations?

How similar are governance crises to personal existential crises that individuals experience?

Resources Mentioned:

NB Episode 45 - Management crisis

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