A new pilot scheme for all contract claims up to the value of £100,000 for which permission to appeal is sought and obtained (or adjourned) began on 2nd April 2012 and will run for a year. The Court of Appeal Mediation Scheme will be managed and monitored by CEDR (Centre for Dispute Resolution) and the evaluation will be considered by the senior judiciary.  

Rix LJ, who led a working group set up by the Master of the Rolls to revitalise the scheme, said "Judges regularly see cases in the Court of Appeal which could easily have been resolved at an earlier stage though the use of mediation. Parties may not be poles apart, but litigation can have a corrosive effect for which mediation can provide a balm. Mediation in the Court of Appeal can save a great deal of money and anxiety".  As the saying goes, it is never too late to settle.  Equally, it may well never be too earlier to settle.