FCA’s prosecution of Alex Hope, owner of a fraudulent collective investment scheme, has resulted in an order for almost £2.65 million to be returned to investors. This is reportedly the largest sum returned to victims of crime following an FCA prosecution. Mr Hope was also the subject of a Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 confiscation order in the sum of £166,696. Mr Hope must pay the sum, which represents his benefit from his involvement in the fraudulent scheme, within three months or face a further 20 months’ imprisonment. This would be served consecutively with the seven-year sentence received in January 2015. In December 2015  Mr Hope’s co-defendant, Raj Von Badlo, was the subject of a confiscation order for £99,819. In addition, Mr Von Badlo is subject to a compliance order preventing him from leaving the UK until his confiscation order is fully satisfied. In total, investors should expect to receive in excess of £2.9 million, which equates to approximately 55% of the capital sums that are owed to them. (Source: FCA recovers £2.9 million for investors in fraudulent CIS)