On April 15, 2015, the FTC Chairwoman, Edith Ramirez, released the FTC's annual highlights for the year 2014. The highlights describe the FTC's efforts to protect consumers and promote competition, and are divided into three chapters:  

  1. Enforcement Highlights – describe the FTC's law enforcement actions taken in order to enhance competition and ensure adequate treatment to customers. The highlights deal with a different law enforcement action taken in the fields of health-care, mobile technology and consumer products and services. In the mobile technology field, the highlights present the FTC's actions against misrepresenting privacy and security features in mobile apps and against the avoidance of disclosing hidden in-app charges.
  2. Policy Highlights – in the past year, the FTC released 8 amicus briefs on different topics, including children's online privacy. In addition, it hosted 16 workshops and conferences that explored issues such as big data and mobile device tracking. The Policy Highlights elaborate  about these. 
  3. Education Highlights – the FTC has invested considerable efforts in the past year in alerting businesses as to compliance standards. In addition, it produced educational products to increase consumers' awareness concerning fraud and deceptive business practices. To achieve this, the FTC used the media, the web and other pipelines in order to disseminate important information. The Education Highlights concludes with the FTC's actions in these fields.         

For the complete report, stats and data diagrams, visit the FTC's 2014 Annual Highlights page.