Act No. 97 of 2012, which was approved by Governor Corbett on July 5, 2012 and takes effect 60 days thereafter, amends the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) by, among other things, adding requirements that municipalities notify school districts of approved plans for residential developments within impacted school districts.

Act No. 97 adds Section 508.1 to the MPC, which reads as follows:  "Notice to School District. Each month a municipality shall notify in writing the superintendent of a school district in which a plan for a residential development was finally approved by the municipality during the preceding month. The notice shall include, but not be limited to, the location of the development, the number and types of units to be included in the development and the expected construction schedule of the development."

Additionally, Act No. 97 adds Section 711(f) to the MPC, which is similar to Section 508.1, although Section 711(f) addresses planned residential developments specifically.