The Texas Supreme Court granted review of the decision of the Texas Court of Appeals in Shell Oil Co. v. Writt, in which the appellate court held that Shell Oil Co. (“Shell”) did not enjoy absolute immunity from civil lawsuits alleging defamation on the basis of communications made to the DOJ in the course of a DOJ investigation. Order Granting Petition for Review in No. 13-0552 (Tex. Aug. 22, 2014).  The plaintiff, Robert Writt, is a former Shell employee who alleged that Shell voluntarily submitted a report to the DOJ in which it falsely stated that he had engaged in unethical conduct in connection with paying bribes to foreign officials and that he had made inconsistent statements in the course of Shell’s internal investigation. The trial court granted Shell’s motion for summary judgment, finding that Shell enjoyed absolute immunity from suit in these circumstances.  The court of appeals reversed, holding that Shell’s communications to DOJ were protected only by a conditional privilege for statements made in the public interest. The Texas Supreme Court will hear oral argument on November 6, 2014.