Revised securities on quenched and tempered steel 

Many of you would be aware that there has been a significant number of anti – dumping and subsidy cases in Australia relating to a many different categories of steel exported from Asia.  That process has continued with the issue of ADC 2014 / 78 regarding quenched and tempered steel plate from Finland, Japan and Sweden.  Not only does the SEF set out the views of the ADC on the existence of dumping and estimated margins ahead of recommendations to the Parliamentary Secretary on 13 October 2014, it also serves to amend the level of securities currently in place as set out in AND 2014 / 42.

The short action items here are that:   

  • those involved in the import of the goods need to ensure that securities are revised to take into account the new levels which took effect form yesterday (27 August 2014)  
  • all parties associated with the export and import of the goods have 20 days to respond to the SEF with their views, which is the last chance to object before the ADC starts work on the Final Report to the Parliamentary Secretary.  It's the last chance so get in now!  

Steel issues in the US

I have previously written and presented on the fact that these anti – dumping and subsidy actions are often global in effect.  By way of example, actions in the US and Canada are often cited at the time of initiation of investigations here and finding in cases here are often used in actions in Asia.

Accordingly there may be some interest in some US developments:  

  • On 22 August 2014, the US ITC voted to impose anti – dumping duties against steel pipe imports from India, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.  
  • On 26 August 2014, a petition was filed in the US alleging that certain boltless steel shelving is being dumped and also benefits from countervailable subsidies with high margins.  

The claims in these actions are generally consistent to claims in related actions here so those importing these goods (and steel products generally) should be aware of likely future actions and open communications with exporters who may be affected on preparing for potential actions. As always we look forward to being of assistance.