Workers can work for 12 consecutive days without a 24 hour weekly rest break – the European Court of Justice has confirmed.

The recent decision by the European Court of Justice in Maio Marques da Rosa v Varzim Sol confirms that the EU Working Time Directive does not require employers to provide a 24 hour weekly rest break at any specific point in a seven day period. This means it is open for employers to provide the rest day at the start of one 7 day period and then provide another rest day at the end of the second 7 day period.

Employers can have employees working for 12 consecutive days, and be in compliance with the EU Working Time Directive. However, one would need to consider how motivated or efficient an employee may be on their eleventh consecutive day at work compared to an employee who works no more than 6 consecutive days.

It’s likely that more decisions will impact UK law before the impact of Brexit. Our quick and practical guide to reviewing employment hurdles through the Brexit process will help you to identify key considerations and actions to make now.