More than a month ago, the U.S. Department of Transportation appointed a twenty-five member Task Force of representatives from industry as well as aviation and drone associations to consider establishing a requirement to register unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”). On Saturday, the Task Force provided its recommendations to DOT.

Using public comments and the recommendations received from the Task Force, the FAA is drafting an Interim Final Rule on registration to streamline the UAS registration process for commercial users and specify the types of UAS that would be required to be registered. The Interim Final Rule may publish before the end of the year and would be open to further public comment.

The FAA hopes that registration “will instill a sense of accountability and responsibility among UAS pilots, and also will prompt them to become educated about safe flying in the National Airspace System.  For those who choose to ignore the rules and fly unsafely, registration is a tool that will assist [FAA] and . . . law enforcement partners in finding them.”