The UK data protection regulator ("ICO") has released its information rights strategic plan ("the plan") for 2017-2021. The plan was issued on 25 May 2017, exactly one year before the GDPR will enter into force.

The ICO Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, said: "It's not about paperwork, or policies, or procedures. it's about how we make the work we do in Wilmslow, in London, in Belfast, in Edinburgh and in Cardiff, make a difference to the trust people have in what happens to their personal data."

Strategic Goals

Similar to the Standard Data Protection Model published in April by the German authorities, the ICO's aims are structured against a number of key goals. The ICO's plan has established 5 strategic goals for the following years:

  1. Increasing the public's trust and confidence in how data is used and made available;
  2. Improving standards of information rights practice through clear, inspiring and targeted engagement and influence;
  3. Maintaining and developing influence within the global information rights regulatory community;
  4. Staying relevant, providing excellent public service and keeping abreast of evolving technology; and
  5. Enforcing the laws which the ICO help's to shape and oversee.

Practical outcomes

Under the overall strategic goals set out in the plan, the ICO has identified a number of practical outcomes which it aims to work towards.

The outcomes include:

  • Increasing transparency and creating a culture of accountability;
  • Creating engagement with policy makers, legislators, regulators, public bodies, and stakeholders in public, private and third sectors;
  • Developing an international strategy and building relationships with EU institutions, such as the European Data Protection Board;
  • Developing a technology strategy and keeping abreast of technological developments;
  • Developing a resource and infrastructure strategy;
  • Developing a Regulatory Action Policy which will be laid before Parliament in 2018;
  • Creating a commitment to fair, proportionate and timely regulatory action;
  • Continuing to tackle nuisance calls; and
  • Prioritising issues with a significant public impact.

A copy of the ICO plan can be accessed here.