The Wireless Bureau and the Media Bureau have scheduled the auction of construction permits for digital companion channels for LPTV stations, including Class A television stations (LPTV) and TV Translator stations (Auction 85). Auction 85 is scheduled to begin on November 5, 2008.

LPTV and TV Translator stations were provided with the opportunity to apply for a digital companion channel in May 2006. Many of these applications were found to be mutually exclusive. Commission rules require that mutually exclusive applications for commercial stations must be resolved through auction.

In order to allow parties the opportunity to resolve mutually exclusive proposals prior to auction, the Commission opened a settlement window from July 17-August 14, 2008. During this window, parties can resolve their mutual exclusivities through amendments, dismissals or settlement agreements. Those mutually exclusive situations left unresolved at the close of the settlement window will proceed to auction.