The Center for European Law & Economics recently conducted a survey to evaluate and compare the merger control systems in various jurisdictions existing worldwide. The Merger Control Index 2012 is based on the annual survey obtained from among the leading merger control experts.

For the 2012 survey, responses from 222 competition experts in over 60 jurisdictions were collected. Rodyk participated in this 2012 Merger Control Survey and offered its opinions and comments as a part of the survey.

Some notable highlights of the survey include:

  • The merger review system in the USA receives a higher score than the European Union in the third consecutive year;
  • The European Union, Germany & Ireland are rated to have the most efficient overall merger review systems within the European Union. Whereas Lithuania and Czech Republic have the least efficient systems;
  • New Zealand scores significantly high among the transitional and developing economies.

Ranking of the Competition Commission of Singapore:

This survey also ranks Singapore’s competition law authority, the Competition Commission of Singapore (CCS) under various categories as a part of the review process. Singapore has consistent high rankings throughout the various categories despite being a young competition law agency as compared with other jurisdictions.

Some of the important observations regarding Singapore include:

  • First Position in peer group comparison: Singapore enjoys the first position in the peer group comparison among the non OECD nations.
  • Dynamically Complete: Singapore also ranks well among those countries that take into account dynamic factors such as entry and innovation in the review of the proposed merger.
  • Absence of Bias: Singapore ranks amongst those countries that do not have a national bias – i.e. those agencies that are NOT more lenient toward companies of domestic origin in the merger control assessment.
  • Reliable: Singapore has been well ranked among those jurisdictions where the margin for making an error is almost negligible in clearing mergers.
  • Constantly Improving: The CCS has been regarded as a merger control agency that has made significant improvements with regards to institutional efficiency as compared with the previous year.