On Friday, Sen. Dennis Jones filed S.B. 1708 to authorize the licensure of “destination resorts.” The bill would create a Destination Resort Commission composed of seven members, appointed by the governor to four-year terms and confirmed by the Senate. The commission would authorize casino gaming at up to five destination resorts, with no more than one resort in each of the five districts created by the bill. Each applicant must demonstrate its ability to provide a resort with a minimum of 1,000 hotel rooms, 500,000 square feet of convention and meeting floor space, and gaming space no larger than 10 percent of the resort's total square footage. Each applicant must pay a $1 million application fee, a $50 million one-time licensing fee, and a $5 million annual license fee. The bill would impose a sliding-scale gross-receipts tax, based on the infrastructure investment in the construction of the resort.