Gabon launches its own International Ship Registry

The Minister of Transport and Logistics of Gabon has recently issued a notice informing the official launching of its International Ship Registry, a joint venture between the State of Gabon and Emirati Group Inter Shipping LLCC. The opening ceremony will formally take from 22 to 25 April 2019, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Gabonese International Ship Registry ("GISR") will be supported by two operational offices, one in India and other in Greece, both under the coordination of the Dubai representation. These offices are aimed at serving and acting as one-stop-shop and intermediary between shipowners and the GISR.

In its notice, the Minister of Transport and Logistics of Gabon further informs that with this international ship registry, Gabon has opened its flag to free registration, following other countries such as Panama, Liberia and the Marshall Islands. The GISR, called the Register Bis or Libre Immatriculation consists on a registration book on which vessels of all nationalities are registered, following the meeting of certain technical and legal requirements.

The GISR is opened to long-course merchant vessels, international cabotage and certain types of leisure vessels and cruise ships sailing on maritime routes or carrying more than 10 billion tons of goods per year.