In March 2008, the European Commission invited the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) to provide assistance in conducting a survey on supervisory powers and objectives, including the actual use of sanctioning powers, as a follow-up to the December 2007 ECOFIN Council conclusions.  

In September 2008, CEBS received a call for assistance from the Commission urging it to perform a stock-taking exercise on early intervention measures, including an analysis of possible triggers and of the conditions under which these measures can be taken.  

CEBS has now published a report entitled Mapping of supervisory objectives and powers, including early intervention measures and sanctioning powers. The report builds on the answers to questionnaires which were filled out by Member States at the end of September 2008.  

The report is divided into three main sections:  

  • Part I provides a factual presentation of the objectives assigned to banking supervisors within the European Union.
  • Part II presents the outcome of the stock-taking exercise on supervisory powers, with a special focus on early intervention measures.
  • Part III is dedicated to a stock-take and analysis of the actual use of sanctioning powers.

View Mapping supervisory objectives and powers across EU Member States, 6 March 2009