On 18 May, 2015, the Czech government, after more than 10 years of negotiations, adopted an update for the current State energy strategy from 2004 (the "Strategy"). This Strategy sets out the targets for and direction of the Czech energy sector for next 25 years. Pursuant to the Strategy, the most important resources should be nuclear and renewables. The Strategy is binding on the state administration in the field of energy management.

The goals of the Strategy are as follows:

  • Diminution of emissions of CO2 by 40% (compared to the year 1990) by the year 2030 and further diminution in line with EU targets;
  • Increase in energy savings by 20% (compared to the situation without any measures) by the year 2020 and further increase in line with EU targets;
  • The share of annual electricity production from local primary energy sources from the total annual gross electricity generation in the Czech Republic shall be at least 80% by the year 2040 with the following structure: nuclear 46-58%, renewable and secondary sources 18-25%, gas 5-15%, and brown and black coal 11-21%;
  • Diversified mix of primary resources by 2040: nuclear fuel 25-33%, solid fuel 11-17%, gas fuel: 18-25%, liquid fuel: 14-17%, renewable and secondary fuel:17-22%;
  • Maintaining a positive electricity performance balance and ensuring adequacy of electricity reserves and regulatory procedures (providing the necessary support services) and ensuring remaining capacity of the maximum load of the power system is in the range of -5 to +15%;
  • Dependence on imported  resources will not exceed 65% by 2030 and 70 % by 2040;
  • The final prices of electricity for business customers shall be comparable with trends in neighbouring countries and under the (average) level of the EU 28, maximum 120% of the average of OECD;
  • Diminution of the energy-related share of the total amount of household expenses to 10%.

The Strategy also identifies measures which shall arrange for the energy security of the Czech Republic. A greater diversification of primary resources and preservation of total independence in respect of the delivery of electricity and heat is proposed. It will only be possible to achieve this by the expansion of nuclear electricity generation. This matter will be addressed in detail in the National Action Plan for Nuclear Electricity which is currently in preparation.