The Supreme Court of Ohio issued a one-year suspension to a lawyer who revealed confidential information he received from a prospective client – doubling the sanction recommended by the disciplinary board. Disciplinary Counsel v. Cicero, 982 N.E. 2d 650 (Ohio 2012). The ruling came in a proceeding that gave the court its first opportunity to apply Ohio Rule of Professional Conduct 1.18, which identifies the duties, including the duty of confidentiality, that lawyers owe to potential clients who consult with, but do not retain, the lawyer. The court concluded that the attorney violated that rule when he told an Ohio State University football coach that some of his players might be associated with an individual who had been targeted by federal authorities investigating drug trafficking. The attorney obtained the information from a potential client who had met with him after agents raided the potential client’s home and seized football memorabilia that Ohio State players allegedly gave him in exchange for tattoos. The potential client testified that he and a former business partner met with the attorney to discuss the criminal case. Later that same day, the attorney sent an email to the then-coach of the Ohio State football team, and alerted him about “a possible association” between the potential client and several players on the football team’s roster. The potential client had another meeting with the attorney a few weeks later, and provided the attorney with additional details about his case, which the attorney relayed to the coach in two emails the next day. The disciplinary panel found clear and convincing evidence that the attorney violated Rule 1.18, and also contravened Rule 8.4(h), which prohibits conduct that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s fitness to practice law. The panel recommended a six-month suspension from the practice of law, and the disciplinary board concurred with that suggestion. The court affirmed the panel’s findings, but imposed a one-year suspension rather than the recommended six months.