The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office announces an agreement with the European
Patent Office on a joint patent classification system that “will use the European
Classification System as a basis and incorporate the best classifications practices
of the USPTO.” The system will also be more detailed than the International
Patent Classification system “to improve patent searching.”

The journal Cell Stem Cell releases results from a November 2010 survey of
370 scientists showing that uncertainty over the legal challenge to the Obama
administration’s human embryonic stem cell research policy has had negative
scientific and economic ramifications.

The Kansas Bioscience Authority (KBA) schedules a February 15, 2011, Webinar
to provide information about a U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural
Research Service program designed “to aggressively increase commercialization
of federal research innovations for maximum economic impact.” KBA is a strategic
partner in the “Agricultural Technology Innovation Partnership” and will work
“with researchers, businesses, and organizations to spin federal research out of
labs and accelerate economic growth in this region.”