The Building (Transitional) Regulation 2014, the Plumbing and Drainage (Transitional) Regulation 2014 (Qld) and the Building and Other Legislation Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2014 (Regulations) commenced on 10 November 2014.  The Regulations complement the amendments introduced in the Professional Engineers and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2014 (Amendment Act).

The Amendment Act transfers the functions of the Pool Safety Council and the Plumbing Industry Council to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). The Regulations help facilitate the transfer of these functions to the QBCC.

For details of the changes introduced by the Amendment Act, see the August/September2014 edition of CLU.

Key changes

The Regulations are the machinery for implementing the changes introduced by the Amendment Act.

The Regulations allow matters that commenced before the Pool Safety Council or the Plumbing Industry Council prior to the introduction of the Amendment Act to continue before those councils. All matters commenced after the introduction of the Amendment Act are to be brought before the QBCC.

The Regulations also allow the QBCC Commissioner to assume the role of the chief executive in any legal proceedings involving the chief executive that commenced before the Amendment Act commenced.