Calls grow for Theresa May to resign in bill backlash BBC news, The FT

• Theresa May is facing growing calls to resign amid a backlash against her Brexit plan from Conservative MPs.

• Others MPs insist Mrs. May should follow through with her plan to put her Withdrawal Agreement Bill to a vote.

• Sources claim that the chief whip has informed backbench MPs that the prime minister is not going to resign.

• Home Secretary Sajid Javid – who wants the second referendum vote requirement removed from the bill – and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt have both requested a private meeting with the Prime Minister.

Pound hits lowest level since early January as Brexit crisis rages The Guardian The FT • Sterling neared its lowest levels of the year so far and UK gilts rallied as Mrs. May’s final attempt to force her Brexit deal through parliament met a wall of opposition and led to fresh calls for her to resign. • Sterling fell throughout the day to recently trade 0.6 per cent lower around $1.2630, approaching its lowest levels of the year.

• Sterling extended its losses as Theresa May came under pressure to pull the parliamentary vote on her new deal while there were increasing calls by Conservative MPs for her to resign.