On September 18, 2012, Free Press, Public Knowledge, and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute announced they would file a formal complaint at the FCC alleging that AT&T, Inc. is violating the Open Internet rules by limiting the Apple FaceTime video chat service to certain mobile broadband plans offered by AT&T. AT&T has stated that FaceTime will not work over cellular data unless the subscriber has a Mobile Share data plan (as opposed to other AT&T data plans), although it will continue to work over WiFi. The groups allege that this practice violates open Internet rules because AT&T is blocking an app that competes with AT&T’s voice service, but must give 10 days’ notice before filing a formal complaint. AT&T previously responded to criticism on this issue by arguing that the open Internet rules “do not regulate the availability to customers of applications that are preloaded on phone.” A statement from the public interest groups about their intent to file a complaint is available here. AT&T’s prior statement about FaceTime is available here.