On 1 January 2010, ACAS’s Code of Practice 3 on Time Off for Trade Union Duties and Activities came into effect. ACAS has also published two guides to complement the Code on managing time off for union and non-union representatives. These provide, amongst other things, that TUPE and collective redundancy nonunion representatives have a statutory right to paid time off to carry out their duties, paid time off for training, the provision of facilities to help them perform their duties and protection against dismissal and detriment. All these documents can be found here.

As of 6 April 2010, eligible employees will have the right to apply for time off without pay to participate in work-related training. It will apply from 6 April to employers with 250 or more employees, and will be extended to apply to all employers from April 2011. The right will work in a similar way to the current right to request flexible working.

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