On May 15, 2015, the MOEA revoked the TIPO's decision which maintained the registration of the opposed trademark "Very good 美粒穀德" in Class 29.  The MOEA indicated that although the goods "nuts, jams, sesame oil, etc.", designated for the opposed trademark "Very good 美粒穀德" in Class 29, and the goods "rice, crushed oats, roasted corn, etc.", covered by the cited trademark "VERY GOOD 美粒穀" in Class 30, are in different classes where cross searching is unnecessary under the TIPO's "Reference Material for Search of Similar Goods/Services", they should still be deemed similar goods based on the generally acceptable concepts of the society or the market conditions since the goods associated with the respective trademarks of the parties are either same or related in purposes, manufacturers, targeted consumers and distribution channels, etc.  The use of the opposed trademark "Very good 美粒穀德" for the similar goods in Class 29 would likely cause confusion to the relevant consumers.