On June 29, 2008, the Chinese government inaugurated the new Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) as part of its March 2008 government reorganization plan. The plan introduced a “super ministry” scheme aimed at streamlining the overlapping functions across existing agencies. The MIIT, which will comprise 24 departments, is the last of five planned super ministries to be realized; its establishment will be completed in late July 2008. The new ministry is a merger of the former Ministry of Information Industry (MII), the State Council Informatization Office, the functions of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (except nuclear power management), the NDRC’s responsibility of approving industrial projects (NDRC’s AML role will stay with NDRC), and the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. The MIIT attracted much attention prior to its inauguration because of its alleged mandate to regulate the telecom sector, which is undergoing restructuring. According to MIIT Minister Li, the new ministry will lend its full support to the domestically-produced TD-SCDMA technology and other technological innovations.