Montana: Medicaid Expansion Remains Viable

A bipartisan Medicaid expansion bill was passed by the House this week after previous endorsement in the Senate. The bill was initially blocked by House Republicans after its first reading in the House; however, House Democrats employed a legislative measure called the "silver bullet" to bring the bill to the House floor for a second and third reading, where it was approved. The Senate must reconcile one funding amendment, generally seen as minor and uncontroversial, and then send the bill to Governor Steve Bullock who is expected to sign it into law.

Nebraska: Medicaid Expansion Proposal Defeated in the Legislature

For the third time this year, a proposal to expand Medicaid in Nebraska was defeated in the State Legislature when lawmakers voted 28-16 in opposition to the Medicaid Redesign Act (LB472), effectively preventing the bill from being heard again this year. Introduced by Senator Kathy Campbell (R) in late February, the legislation would have required the state to seek federal authority to purchase private coverage with Medicaid funding and include healthy behavior incentives as part of coverage. The bill faced opposition within the Legislature over past several weeks, as well as public opposition from Governor Pete Ricketts (R).