From 29 December 2021*, certain categories of foreign nationals will have to periodically undergo medical examinations, as well as go through one-off fingerprint registration and photographing.

Who is affected by the new requirements and what is the timeframe for undergoing the procedures?

The new requirements apply to:

  • foreign nationals arriving in Russia for the purpose of labour activities. This category includes highly qualified specialists and citizens from EAEU countries. The timeframe for completing these new requirements is 30 calendar days from the date of entry into Russia or when applying for a “patent” or collecting a work permit by a foreign citizen who arrived in Russia under a non-visa regime;

  • foreign nationals arriving in Russia for more than 90 calendar days for purposes not related to labour activities (including family members of foreign employees). In this case, the timeframe is 90 calendar days from the date of their entry into Russia.

Belarusian nationals, children under the age of six years and other categories of foreigners are exempt from the new requirements.

Medical examinations

Medical examinations will include tests for the use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, HIV infection and infectious diseases posing a danger to others in accordance with the list approved by the Russian government (see here* and here*).

Examinations must take place at medical institutions in Russia before the fingerprinting and photographing procedure.

The procedure for medical examinations (how and where) and the validity term of medical documents will be established separately.

Foreigners will have to undergo a new medical examination when a previously issued medical certificate expires.

Fingerprint registration and photographing

Foreigners are to go through fingerprint registration and photographing only once, which must be done after receipt of the medical certificate described above.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs will establish the relevant procedures.

What if a foreigner fails to comply with the new requirements?

If a foreigner fails to comply with any of the new requirements, the term of his temporary stay in Russia will be shortened (i.e. the foreigner will have to leave the country). Remaining in Russia after the allowed term of stay may result in an administrative fine, deportation from Russia and a subsequent five-year ban from entry into Russia.

If a foreigner tests positive as part of the above medical examinations, Russian authorities can make a decision on his undesirability of stay (or residence) in or on his non-admission to Russia.


Companies should inform their foreign employees, including highly qualified foreign specialists, and their family members of the new requirements and assist them in completing the required procedures.