1. State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA) Administrative Report

These five projects have been put on the agenda for informational purposes only. No vote is required because “the recommended order of the Administrative Law Judge becomes the final order of the Agency when no exceptions have been filed.” No exceptions were filed.  

Contested Cases-Batched

AL2012-016, Professional Resources Management Psychiatric Services, LLC d/b/a Beacon Children Hospital, Luverne, AL: Proposes to add 18 psychiatric beds to the existing 24 children and adolescent psychiatric bed facility. Administrative Law Judge approved Beacon Children Hospital for eight beds.

AL2012-017, Gadsden Regional Medical Center, LLC, Gadsden, AL: Proposes to convert 15 acute-care beds to 15 adult inpatient psychiatric beds. Administrative Law Judge approved Gadsden Regional Medical Center for eight beds.

AL2012-018, Premier Behavioral Solutions of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center, Dothan, AL: Proposes to convert 12 existing psychiatric residential treatment facility beds to 12 acute psychiatric beds. Administrative Law Judge approved Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center for six beds.

AL2012-019, Brookwood Health Services, Inc. d/b/a Brookwood Medical Center, Birmingham, AL: Proposes to add 19 psychiatric beds to the existing 138-bed psychiatric unit. Administrative Law Judge approved Brookwood Medical Center for 14 beds.

AL2012-020, Mizell Memorial Hospital, Inc., ODD AL: Proposes to add six psychiatric beds to the existing 12-bed psychiatric facility. Administrative Law Judge approved Mizell Memorial Hospital for two beds.

  1. Certificate of Need Program
  1. AL2012-028, Fresenius Medical Care Huntsville Home, LLC d/b/a Huntsville Home, Huntsville, AL: Proposes to expand and consolidate outpatient home training services for Home Peritoneal Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis by renovation of an existing building at a new location. The new facility will have a total of 11 home training stations. Opposition: None  


  1. AL2012-029, University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, AL: Proposes to expand the existing outpatient Infusion Therapy Program via lease of the existing infusion therapy space and services provided at the Medical West Outpatient Infusion Clinic located within the Health Care Authority for Medical West, an Affiliate of the UAB Health System. Opposition: None  


  1. ReconsiderationRequest

AL2011-035, Crestwood Healthcare, LP d/b/a Crestwood Medical Center, Huntsville, AL: Proposes to permanently establish elective PCI services in addition to its existing diagnostic cardiac catheterization and emergency PCI services without onsite open-heart surgery capability. At the April 18, 2012, Board meeting, the Certificate of Need Review Board (CONRB) adopted the ALJ’s Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. The approval of this application is conditioned on certain stipulations. Opposition: Huntsville Hospital filed intervention/opposition and requested a Contested Case Hearing. Huntsville Hospital filed the reconsideration request on May 16, 2012.

Motion for Reconsideration denied.  

  1. For Informational Purposes Only – Reviewability Determinations and Pending Reviewability Determinations

Reviewability Determinations:

RV2012-026, Thomas Home Health, LLC d/b/a Thomas Home Health requests to relocate the administrative offices of the home health agency main provider from 27961 US HWY 98, Ste. 16, Daphne, Alabama to 7530 Parker Rd., Ste. 200, Fairhope, Alabama. Status: Non-Reviewable

RV2012-027, Metro Treatment of Alabama, LP d/b/a Birmingham Metro Treatment requests to renovate the existing facility located at 151 Industrial Drive, Birmingham, Alabama, via lease renewal, to accommodate the additional counselors and related counseling space necessary to comply with the Alabama Department of Mental Health’s new counselor-to-patient ratio requirement for opiate replacement treatment providers. Status: Non-Reviewable

RV2012-028, Renal Treatment Centers-Southeast, LP d/b/a Limestone County Dialysis requests to alternately use the existing, CON-approved home training station for home hemodialysis training and for peritoneal home training. Status: Non-Reviewable

RV2012-029, Infirmary Home Health Agency, Inc. d/b/a Infirmary HomeCare of Saraland requests to relocate the branch agency’s administrative office from 1129 A HWY 43 South, Saraland, Alabama to 14 Ferry Avenue, Saraland, Alabama. Status: Non-Reviewable  

RV2012-030, Florala Memorial Hospital requests to establish an outpatient therapy clinic providing physical therapy services only. Status: Non-Reviewable

RV2012-031, Crestwood Medical Center requests to add three new operative suites, as well as the addition of more surgery preparation and recovery areas. Status: Non-Reviewable

Pending Reviewability Determinations:

RV2012-032, Bio-Medical Applications of Alabama, Inc. d/b/a Fresenius Medical Care Brundidge requests to establish a 10-station ESRD facility consisting of eight in-center hemodialysis stations, one hemodialysis isolation station, and one home hemodialysis station in Pike County. Status: Pending

RV2012-033, Dialysis Clinic, Inc. d/b/a DCI Eufaula requests to renovate the existing facility and decrease the total number of dialysis stations from 19 to 14. Status: Pending

RV2012-035, South Baldwin Regional Medical Center requests to establish a hospital- provider based wound care center located within the hospital. Status: Pending

RV2012-036, Crestwood Medical Center requests to establish a hospital-provider based diagnostic center that will be located in a multi-tenant commercial space in a to-be constructed building which will be leased in part to Crestwood under an operating lease. The new building will be located at 20 Hughes Rd., Madison, Alabama. Status: Pending

RV2012-037, Renal Treatment Center-Southeast, LP d/b/a Hayneville Dialysis requests to establish a 10- station dialysis facility consisting of nine hemodialysis stations and one hemodialysis isolation station in Lowndes County. Status: Pending


410-1-7-.04 Notice of Change of Ownership

The Board held a public hearing on the proposed rule change and considered public comments.  


410-1-8-.24 Entry of Final Order by the Fair Hearing Officer

The Board voted to publish the proposed new rule and send out for review and comment.  

The next CON Review Board meeting will be held on July 18, 2012.