In Washington State Nurses Association v. Sacred Heart Medical Center, the hospital's collective bargaining agreement with nurses allowed nurses a paid 15 minute rest period for each four hour work period. If, due to the press of business, the employee missed a break, the employee was paid an amount equivalent to 30 minutes of straight time pay (i.e., 15 minutes of pay for the paid rest period plus 15 additional minutes for working during the rest period). No overtime was paid because, according to the employer, the total hours worked for the day did not exceed eight hours, even including the time worked during the rest period. The nurses union sued for alleged unpaid overtime. The Washington Supreme Court agreed. Washington law requires a 10 minute rest period on the employer's time for every four hours worked. The court held that the 10 minutes of missed rest period was overtime that had to be compensated at the overtime (and not straight time) rate.