In brief

On 19 August 2022, new regulations on agile work came into force. 

In particular, starting 1 September 2022, employers will have to send a communication, via an online portal, with the names of the employees and the period in which they will work remotely. It will not be necessary to upload individual agile working agreements. This new law basically confirms the simplified procedure that was in place under COVID emergency laws.

The Ministry of Labour has issued the form to be used for the above online communication that can be found here. Non-compliance with the new regulations may trigger an administrative fine ranging from EUR 100 to EUR 500 for each concerned employee.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that, starting 1 September 2022, it will be necessary to enter into individual agile working agreements with each employee who will use this kind of work (COVID-related provisions will no longer apply after said date). The agreement will have to provide for, among others: (i) the way working directives will be given to employees when working from remote; (ii) equipment made available; (iii) the employee's rest time; and (iv) the technical and organizational measures that will ensure employees are disconnected from technological work equipment.