The Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a 2010 Sustainable Transportation Report that details strategies to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation in response to Governor Christine Gregoire’s (D) 2009 executive order on climate change. The report, issued December 29, 2010, found that GHG reduction strategies in the transportation sector could be implemented by operating more efficiently, advancing vehicle technology, improving fuels, and reducing vehicle miles traveled.

The report also found that implementation of many of the strategies discussed for reducing GHG emissions “would require changes in policy, funding, and authority, and also assume ambitious improvements in vehicles and fuels.” The DOT report recommends that the state consider the most viable ways to reduce statewide GHG emissions across all sectors, noting that DOT will continue to work to find “practical approaches for reducing GHG emissions at the regional level.”

It also addresses several other sustainable transportation efforts under way in the state, including (i) the Department of Ecology’s recommendations regarding adoption of a low-carbon fuel standard; (ii) involvement in the West Coast Green Highway Initiative, which supports adoption of alternative fuels; (iii) DOT’s efforts to reduce energy consumption, increase alternative fuel use and increase vehicle fuel efficiency; (iv) development of an integrated climate change response strategy for the state; and (v) development of an agencywide GHG emissions gas-reduction strategy.