The (Toledo) Blade ran a brief article detailing the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s decision to grant FirstEnergy Corp.’s application for a waiver from its 2010 in-state solar requirement under Ohio’s renewable portfolio standard. More information on the PUCO’s ruling is available on the Bricker & Eckler website. As detailed in the Bricker & Eckler overview of the decision, the PUCO rejected the arguments of its staff, the solar industry, and several other intervening parties regarding FirstEnergy’s efforts to procure the required solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). Those parties had argued that FirstEnergy did not exhibit a good-faith attempt to procure in-state SRECs because it did not enter long-term contracts with SREC suppliers or construct its own solar-generation facilities. As noted in a previous post, however, the PUCO did not grant FirstEnergy a complete waiver from the solar requirement, opting instead to follow precedent and increase the company’s 2011 requirement by its 2010 shortfall.