President Obama finally signed the America Invents Act for patent reform and also provided interesting remarks before signing.  A video of his remarks and his signing is available, including opening comments from a Thomas Jefferson student who has a patent already.

In addition, in the middle of the President's remarks, he made some brief remarks about a new center at the NIH related to commercializing pharmaceutical drugs, about a hundred or more universities working together in new programs to commercialize research, and the commercialization of biotechnology generally which also links to cleantech.  These vague remarks were fleshed out more in a White House press release provided today.

Technology innovation is tremendously important to our society, and tuning the patent system is important.  One can argue our society will rise or fail depending on technology innovation.  Few if any presidents, captured as they are by political intrigue rather than substance, have truly captured the innovation spirit.  Obama seems to be trying and doing as well as anyone of them in modern times at least.