After Senate Bill 310 (SB 310) created a two-year freeze on renewable energy and energy efficiency standards (see our June 13, 2014 blog post for more on this) and House Bill 483 (HB 483) altered the setback provisions for wind turbines (see our June 18, 2014 blog post for more on this), Ohio clean-energy advocates are hoping to avoid further setbacks to the state’s renewable energy future. Lobbyist Columbus attorney Terrence O’Donnell “said it’s doable if he and other advocates find the right balance of political diplomacy,” according to a Toledo Blade article. According to the article, “[O’Donnell] said the composition, scope, and mission of a legislative committee being formed to examine the continued need for such requirements is crucial to Ohio’s energy future.” The passage of HB 483 has already affected plans for potential new wind farms in Ohio (see our July 24, 2014 blog post about this). Together, SB 310 and HB 483 may discourage renewable energy development in Ohio for the next two years, until the committee submits a recommendation for future renewable energy requirements. For more, read the full Toledo Blade article