The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) recently published its proposed regulations containing the State Performance Evaluation Model required under the Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA). PERA specifically requires school districts, by their respective PERA implementation dates (which for most school districts is September 1, 2016), to incorporate into their evaluation plans the use of data and indicators of student growth as a significant factor in rating teacher performance. School districts are required to use joint committees (composed of an equal number of district and teacher representatives) to determine how to incorporate the use of student growth data and indicators into their evaluation plans. If within 180 days of the joint committee’s first meeting the committee does not reach agreement on the plan, then PERA requires that such districts implement the State’s model evaluation plan with respect to the use of data and indicators on student growth as a significant factor in rating teacher performance. The proposed rules recently published by ISBE contain the State’s Performance Evaluation Model referenced in PERA, including how student growth is to be measured under the Model. The proposed rules will be available for public comment until August 25, 2014. Those wishing to submit comments on the proposed Model may do so either via e-mail (addressed to or via standard mail (addressed to Shelley Helton, Agency Rules Coordinator, ISBE, 100 North First Street - S-493, Springfield, Illinois 62777-0001).