Changes may be made to the way clinical trials are financed, supervised and conducted following an inspection of 13 clinical hospitals by the Supreme Audit Office (NIK).

NIK’s report drew attention to poor financial management as well as dishonesty in the way clinical trials were conducted. Its criticisms included improper management, insufficient supervision by the authorities and inconsistent regulation of aspects such as their conduct, financing and settlement.

As a result, the State Control Committee has demanded greater transparency in the rules governing the financing of clinical trials.

This is being considered by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance, and may also lead to changes in the way the State healthcare sector works with the pharmaceutical industry.

The irregularities revealed by the report may lead to corruption and other charges being brought by the Central Anticorruption Bureau and other prosecution bodes, in relation to certain aspects of the trials including the cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and medical sector companies with state healthcare representatives.