Per a judgment rendered in May, 2015, the IP Court sustained TIPO's decision which cited the prior mark "MISS WU" owned by Mr. Jason Wu, a well known fashion designer from Taiwan, to reject the application of the mark "MISS WU".  In the judgment, the IP Court found that although Mr. Wu's application for the mark "MISS WU", filed in March, 2011, was rejected by TIPO on the ground of lack of sufficient distinctiveness and said ruling was finally sustained by IP Court's judgment on January 22, 2013, "MISS WU" has been intensively reported by the local media prior to the filing of the rejected mark "MISS WU" on January 30, 2013.  By means thereof, the local consumers have likely associated the mark "MISS WU" with Mr. Jason Wu.  As such, the mark has acquired a secondary meaning and can be an identifier of the origin of the products.