ISSC-Austria, an Austrian importer and distributor of pistols and rifles, announced it has transferred ownership of two registered domain names, and, to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). ISSC-Austria had registered these domain names as part of its own marketing campaign for its ISSC MSR MK22 rifles. Since 2009, the NSSF has promoted the use of the terms “Modern Sporting Rifle” and “MSR” in connection with its national media campaign to promote the image of AR-15 style rifles, and to correct widespread misperceptions among gun owners and non-gun owners about AR-15-style rifles. In separate press releases, the NSSF and ISSC-Austria announced the donation of the two domain names to the NSSF to support the joint efforts of the parties to promote and educate consumers. While the NSSF and ISSC-Austria ultimately cooperated in this instance, this demonstrates that companies should promptly pursue domain name registrations for certain commercially valuable trademarks, trade names, and other designations of origin important to their businesses.

(Source: The Shooting Wire)