On January 20, 2015,the Legislative Yuan adopted during the 18th Meeting of the 6th Session of the 8th Term Articles 2, 24 and 33 of the Labor Inspection Law as amended (hereinafter, the "Law"),which were promulgated by the President on February 4, 2015. The amendments are highlighted as follows:

  1. Article 2 of the Law as amended:

To accommodate the organizational changes of the central government, the competent authority under this Law shall be the Ministry of Labor on the central level, the government of each municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Yuan on the level of such municipality, and the county (city) government on the county (city) level.

  1. Article 24 of the Law as amended:

With respect to occupational hazard inspection, assessment or analysis handled by a labor inspection agency, which may be the Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health affiliated with the central competent authority, this provision was modified as; "the Institute of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health under the Ministry of Labor or other academic or research institutions may provide necessary technical assistance."

  1. Article 33 of the Law as amended:

Paragraph 4, which stipulates: "A business organization shall not terminate the employment contract of a complaining worker or engage in any act unfavorable to the worker," and Paragraph 5, which stipulates: "A labor inspection agency managing labor complaints shall maintain the confidentiality and shall not disclose the identity of the complaining worker," were added to prevent workers from being retaliated after the fact to safeguard the rights and interests of complaining workers.