Mafrash Attias has reportedly filed a putative class action against McDonald Israel alleging that the company cheats consumers by putting less ice cream into its ice cream cups. According to the complaint, Attias found that the contents of two sizes of the company’s “Ice Blast” product, with an NIS 2 shekel price (US 50 cents) difference, are nearly always barely distinguishable in weight or volume. He has also apparently alleged that the large size sometimes holds less ice cream than the less expensive smaller alternative and that the McDonald’s marketing pitch is to encourage customers to “size-up” for “only” 2 additional shekels. The named plaintiff reportedly submitted samples from several McDonald’s stores to the independent, Jerusalem-based Forensic Science Institute for testing. According to a news source, its report is attached to the complaint. The plaintiff seeks NIS 24.5 million (about US$7 million). See Jewish Business News, December 9, 2013.