The Swedish Government published a Government Official Report (SOU 2013:16, Sw.Effektivare konkurrenstillsyn) regarding the results of a review of certain parts of the competition legislation and primarily parts applying to the activities and operation of the Swedish Competition Authority (“SCA”). The purpose of the inquiry commenced in April 2012 was to review the relevant competition legislation and assess how enforcement of competition law and the operation of the SCA can be improved. Four different areas were especially reviewed in order to identify if and where additional regulations were needed. Among other things, the inquiry considered whether there is reason to introduce so called “stop-the-clock” provisions, i.e. provisions making it possible to suspend the time periods set for merger control proceedings. In addition, in respect of the Swedish leniency program the inquiry considered whether there is a need to add provisions on a marker system, i.e. a possibility for undertakings to obtain an extension of the time allowed for providing sufficient information to be considered for immunity from or reduction of an administrative fine. Furthermore, potential further provisions regarding the working procedures of the SCA when copying and collecting digitally stored material for examination outside the undertaking’s premises were reviewed. It was also assessed if the needs of the SCA for cooperation in targeted inspections were adequately met by the current legal provisions or whether the current rules needed to be further clarified or supplemented. Source: The Swedish Government ( 12/3/2013