On October 13, 2016, the Council of Ministers adopted the Resolution 56/2016, and approved the "National Strategy for Medicinal and Health Products". Within this program, a set of objectives and measures with an impact and relevance in the pharmaceutical sector were defined. In particular: 

(i) Implementation of a revaluation process for the reimbursement of medicinal products

The main aim of this process is to give special attention to Diabetes and HIV-related diseases and to consider the possibility of exclusion from reimbursement medicinal products that are priced 20% higher than other medicinal products considered as therapeutic alternatives and medicinal products whose effectiveness or efficacy is not demonstrated. 

(ii) Promoting the increase the use of generic and biosimilar medicinal products

To implement this measure, informative sessions will be created for health professionals and international conferences to share practices and results in the use of generic and biosimilar products. 

(iii) Revision of the Management of Medicinal products for ambulatory use

With a view to better management of the introduction of the hospital product, information on the use and expenditure on prescription and hospital-use medicines will continue to be disseminated, with a view to promoting and adopting best practices. Also in this context, it intends to continue the campaign to promote the use of biosimilars medicinal products. 

(iv) Collaboration with the Primary Health Care Network

One of the pillars the public policies for health is the qualification of the prescription at the level of Primary Health Care. To this end, a close collaboration has been developed with the Prescription Qualification Group of the Commission for the Reform of Primary Health Care, in order to intervene in the improvement of prescription of medicinal products.

(v) Development of health technology assessment models

Decree-Law 97/2015 of June 1, which created SINATS (National System of Health Technology Assessment), aims to regulate the evaluation and re-evaluation of health technologies, allowing the sustainable functioning of the NHS. The major objective in this area will be the full implementation of SINATS, as well as the definition of the number of medicinal products and medical devices evaluated and reassessed. 

(vi) Valorisation of the role of community pharmacies, in conjunction with the units of the NHS

One of the main measures to be implemented in this area is the developments of programs that allow the supply of medicinal products dispensed only in hospital pharmacy, through community pharmacy.

(vii) Promotion of Transparency

The promotion of transparency will be implemented by changing procedures and creating a new electronic portal of INFARMED, I. P., which simplifies the submission of pharmacy licensing processes; Through the creation of a new electronic portal on clinical trials and the development of an information system that enables the collection of results from the use of drugs or medical devices.