EPA announced that it would revisit and reconsider whether the primary and secondary NAAQS ozone standard issued in 2008 were based on scientifically sound evidence and are sufficiently protective of public health and the environment. According to EPA Administrator Jackson, "Reconsidering these standards and ensuring acceptable levels of ground-level ozone could cut health care costs and make our cities healthier, safer places to live, work and play." The Obama EPA appears to be taking these steps because the Bush EPA did not accept EPA's Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) recommendation of stronger smog standards. Therefore the Obama EPA will conduct a thorough review of the science that guided the 2008 decision as well as the public comments from that rulemaking process. EPA plans to move quickly to implement any new ozone standards and intends to propose any revisions by December 2009 and will issue a final decision by August 2010. In the meantime, EPA says it will seek to stay the 2008 standards for the purpose of attainment and nonattainment area designations.