What a bunch of cold fish.

The town council of Overtornea, Sweden, recently rejected a proposal to give workers one-hour paid sex breaks. According to The New York Times, the council member who made the proposal believed it would help raise the town’s low birthrate. But the town council decided “that if sexual intercourse should be subsidized, then so should many other personal activities, such as gardening or cleaning.”

Moreover, critics said, “it could have stigmatized some employees: those who were single, for example, or who did not feel like having sex.”

Indeed, one sexologist expressed doubt that a single hour was enough — according to Malena Ivarsson, “one hour for sex might not be enough time for women to ‘switch gears and get in the mood.'”

I was thinking the same thing. Plus, commuting time. Should be three hours, minimum.

I wish I could say “you read it here first,” but the NYT has obviously beaten me to it. You read it here second.