The West Africa Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) has launched a tender for bids to develop, build and operate on-grid solar photovoltaic projects ranging between 5 MW to 25MW in UEMOA Member States (the “Project”) as part of its wider push to deliver sustainable energy production at affordable prices and to increase the prevalence and use of renewable energy sources in Member States.

Having set itself a target of achieve an energy mix of 82% from renewable energy sources, UEMOA (together with its Member States) have launched a new fund, known as Facilité Régionale d’Accès à l’Energie Durable (“FRAED”), comprising of contributions by Member States and UEMOA of over USD 100 million, to support Member States in delivering the required regulation and infrastructure, ensure that successful developers receive a fair return on their investment (by way of the payment of subsidies if required) and that payments under Power Purchase Agreements can be guaranteed.

Applicants should be aware that the tenders submitted will be subject to an eligibility criteria prior to further consideration. UEMOA has made clear, that as a minimum, applicants should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proven experience in generating electricity from solar photovoltaic plants;
  2. Produce a list summarising completed solar photovoltaic projects or identifying solar photovoltaic projects which are currently being developed;
  3. Identify expertise in the development, management and ownership of solar photovoltaic plants; and
  4. Demonstrate proven experience in generating electricity from solar photovoltaic plants;
  5. Provide a brief presentation of the proposed projects sought by UEMOA’s call for tenders (including the participant’s financial model and all other relevant documents (to be delivered in the form of the ‘projects summary’ template available from the African Biofuel & Renewable Energy Company’s (“SABER”) website,

Applicants should also file a certificate of good standing (or the local equivalent thereof) issued by their relevant trade register and a solvency statement.

Consortia (comprising either of developers and /or project management companies) together with investment funds will be viewed favourably by UEMOA.

Following submission of tenders, and provided that the tenders comply with the above eligibility criteria, tenders will be reviewed by SABER’s Technical Committee and applicants who pass this stage will be pre-selected to further their proposal.

Applicants can obtain further information relating to the present tender from SABER’s secretariat (Tel: +228 22 22 68 64 / Email (please also copy in mdiop@saber-abrec.organd

Completed tenders must be submitted in the French language not later than 6 November at 17.00 (Togo time) in hard and soft copy to:

Monsieur le Président Directeur Général de la Société Africane des Biocarburants et des Energies Renouvelables (SABER) Immeuble BIDC, 128 Boulevard du 13 janvier Lomé. République Togolaise  Email: